Touch your community with humor, healing, and hope.


Comedian Nazareth

Comedy has the power to quickly shift one’s mood of bleakness to that of cheer and liveliness. Despite one’s race, religion, ethnicity, and social class; it has the capability of uniting people from different backgrounds together, serving as a common denominator to all. It is one thing to be a comedian who can conceive an uproar of laughter in a crowd. However, to be a comedian who can inspire a crowd at the same time is a rare find. Nazareth has been using his talents of bringing comic relief to his audience while directing his acts to help improve their well-being.

Robert G. Lee

Well known in the entertainment industry as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic, Robert’s a veteran of over 1,500 episodes of such shows as The New Adventures of Old Christine, Just Shoot Me, Becker and The Drew Carey Show. His job is to keep countless audiences entertained for hours between scenes and costume and set changes with rapid-fire ad-libs and humorous interviews.
No stranger in front of the camera either, Robert has been seen on the Bananas Comedy series, Showtime’s The Joke’s On Thee, VH1’s Stand Up Spotlight, Comic Strip Live and a variety of roles on such sitcoms as Wings and Perfect Strangers.
Robert has combined his Christian world view with his Monty Python sensibility and written many Veggie Tales videos such as “Little Joe,” “Gideon” and “Sheerluck Holmes.”
To top it off, Robert just released his latest comedy project, “Wisenheimer” and just finished post production on “Can I Get A Witness Protection?” a full length faith-based screwball comedy feature he wrote and directed.

Gilbert Esquivel

Gilbert’s comedy is uniquely clean, urban and edgy. And although he is a born-again believer, Gilbert wouldn’t place himself in the “Christian Comedy” genre, but rather sees himself as a Christian working as a stand-up comedian. Gilbert shares stories about himself and those around him, sharing anecdotes as he grew-up and traveled across the United States. He also has a keen sensibility for comedy found in cultural differences, all the while recognizing that “Yes there are differences, but in God’s eyes we are equally loved.” The son of migrant workers, Gilbert was born in Parma, Idaho.

Cizzle C

Cizzle C “The Prince Of Clean Comedy” is An entertainer in his own right for over 15 years. Non stop, fast past laughter. Comedy spoofs & skits . Clean fun entertainment for all ages. Cizzle C is the face of Clean Comedy and is anointed to make you laugh til it hurts with his real life stories that everyone can relate to. From tragedy to triumph he found his joy in the gift of laughter. Comedy that will leave you encouraged and uplifted. Has been seen on TBN, JCTV, BET and comedy Central. MC/ Host. Producer of live comedy shows. His witty observational style of comedy has a great message of LOVE, HOPE and FAITH.