Touch your community with humor, healing, and hope.




It’s a time when many people are more in the mood to give to Charities and non-profits.


If you are not aware of what Laughter for All does, let me challenge you to consider giving to a very worthwhile cause.


Laughter for All’s mission is to Entertain, Encourage and Share the Good News of Jesus.


LFA produces comedy concerts at stadiums, arenas and large churches. Every concert gives people the opportunity to enjoy two hours of Clean-Christian comedy for FREE. Yes. You read it right. FOR FREE. We never charge for tickets. We know that many families cannot afford to bear the cost to enjoy a live concert. Each concert also provides an opportunity for people to invite their unchurched friends—and yes, for free. It’s not a church service, it’s a comedy night.


California desperately needs a change and we believe that Jesus is the only one who can change California. Once a person gets to know Jesus, their life will be changed.


That’s why, Comedian Nazareth invites people to receive Jesus at every Laughter for All event.


We also believe in “franchising” this much needed change. Committing to the good news of Jesus and motivating other Christians to do likewise is the first step. Challenging believers at our events to become serious about their faith and then asking them to commit to sharing Jesus with seven people in a twelve months period places the mission in the hands of an army. We call it the Change California Campaign. Imagine 7000 people sharing their faith with almost 50,000 people every year.


In 2018, God used Laughter For All to get 7000 Christians to commit to sharing the gospel with 7 others. In 2019, He did it again.


We are ready to do the same in 2020. Imagine adding an additional 7,000 Christians this year who will commit to helping Change California now and for the next five years. If everyone who has committed each year continues to share with seven others each year, more than a million and a half people will have been reach with the gospel in five years. To put it in perspective, that’s equivalent to the population of the city of San Diego.


There is an inescapable truth that “As California Goes, So Goes The Nation”. This is true for both good and bad trends. Will your join us is this good trend?


If you believe that California has lost its moral compass… If you believe that Jesus is the only one who can Change California and the Nation… then partnering with us is a solution you must consider. You can help by scrolling down and committing to a monthly donation or a one-time gift.


God Commanded us to go out and share the Good News (Mark 16:15)


Invest in the Kingdom by investing in Laughter For All. Don’t be fearful. Don’t miss the blessing God has in store for you by trusting Him. Give Cheerfully and Generously.

We are a non-profit 501-C-3 that wants to give Christians, who has a desire to reach people for Christ, an opportunity to invest in God’s work by sponsoring and supporting Comedy Crusades around the Nation and the World. Our Goal is to reach unbelievers for Christ; Encourage the brothers and sisters in Christ and provide an outlet for Christians to laugh and be entertained without the vulgar jokes and dirty humor that is bombarding us.


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